Teacup Planters

When dressing up your country porch with charming accents, teacup planters make great additions. They actually look like teacups, saucer and all. Some have the saucer attached to the bottom of the cup, while others are two separate pieces. Teacup planters are prepared to receive your little plants. The drainage holes are already there, saving you the trouble of trying to drill them yourself. Just a word of warning: most regular teacups are too fragile to drill a drainage hole. You will probably end up with a handful of broken pieces instead of a teacup planter. But, save those old teacups to use for candle holders. In the meantime, planting sweet flowers or herbs in your teacup planter will bring life to your country porch. Here are some of our favorites, all from one of our favorite shopping places, Amazon. Just click on ones you like to see more about them, purchase them, or browse more teacup planters.

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Butterfly Teacup Teacup Collection Water Lily
China Rose Teacup Floral & Herbs Blue Floral Teacup
Baum Essex Floral Baum Essex Stripes Lavender Rose Teacup
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