Offset and Free-Standing Porch Umbrellas

Free-Standing-Porch-UmbrellIf your outdoor living space is not shaded well, you certainly want to add some kind of umbrella to give you relief from the mid-day sun. A free-standing one that is offset from the center makes a great shade option.

The Value of Free Standing Umbrellas

When you have a free standing umbrella, you have the ability to move it around all you want to. This means you are not limited to sliding it in the center of your patio or porch table. You may have a charming little reading nook off to one side of your country porch. You can take your free-standing umbrella to shade your reading nook. Or place it so your sitting area is protected for your guests.

Some Favorite Options

Each of these I chose for their color, style and convenience. More neutral colors can go with just about any decor. The dark green color tends to work well with that outdoor natural world, so even if you have a bright blue and yellow color scheme, the backdrop for your country porch is the trees, bushes and grass that are in your yard. That dark green works great with those.

 Deluxe Natural 10′ Offset Patio Umbrella Off Set Outdoor Market Umbrella Coral Coast 9-ft. Offset Umbrella Ace Evert Offset Umbrella 8074, 10 ft, Polyester, Dark Green

Offset Umbrellas For Convenience

Personally, I prefer the offset umbrellas for the convenience they offer. The stand that holds offset umbrellas is not in the center, but sets on the edge. That means I can shade my entire reading nook, table, or seating area without having a pole stuck in the middle of it. They tend to be stable because of the base that is included. That’s an important consideration in my world where summer brings more windy conditions.

Plenty of Color and Size Options

I only chose a few options to show you here, but there are plenty more in both color and size, as well as price and quality options. Take a look at free-standing offset umbrellas and find the perfect porch umbrella for your own outdoor living space. You will be able to enjoy your country porch more this summer.

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  1. Mandee says:

    I love the offset umbrellas for exactly the reason you stated — I don’t have to work around a pole right in the middle of my outdoor space! They are very stylish looking too!

  2. Oh, wow! I love this idea! I do have a table with the umbrella through the center, which I really enjoy, but how wonderful it would be to have a free standing umbrella that I could move around my yard! Truly an excellent suggestion!

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