Christmas Door Mats: Dress Up Your Porch

Holiday-Christmas-Door-MatsDressing up your country porch can be easy with the addition of a Christmas door mat. A festive look for the holidays with the simple addition of the right mat. Now, that’s what I call easy and fun. Any porch, whether a country theme or not, can benefit from a Christmas door mat set out to welcome friends and family.

Choosing a Christmas Door Mat for the Holidays

Since many of us deal with winter weather for the holidays, choosing a Christmas door mat to be placed outside means you need one that can withstand that weather without fading or becoming frayed. That is, if you like to keep your holiday decor to use year after year.

Much of my decor for Christmas isn’t meant to be kept and used for years. I like having new looks and changing the looks of my country porch each year. That means I look for less expensive items that don’t need to last forever. But, I do like to have nice looking door mats when I decorate for the holidays. So I pick mats that I like the look of. Christmas door mats can easily be one of those little accents to make a big difference.

Favorite Holiday Door Mats

The Christmas door mats I’ve featured here are the ones that I’m considering for my own porch this year. Festive, yet simple, but still the kind of looks that will dress up my entryway and my country porch. I add some unique and interesting Christmas decor items to complete my look.

Holiday Decorating for the Porch

Being one of those people who loves to decorate for just about any holiday, Christmas is one of my favorites. The colors are bright and beautiful, even with just the red and green color scheme. But there other choices that make for great decorating. I enjoy alternating my holiday decor, like red and green one year, but the next year my country porch color scheme is all in blue and white.

Whether you are choosing a Christmas door mat that will last for years of use or just for this year’s use, you are in luck. There are lots of beautiful, charming, even whimsical designs. So you are sure to find one that works great with your own style and other decor on your porch.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    I do love having holiday door mats at my front door. These are certainly lovely selections.

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