Garden Flags

A country porch includes charming accent pieces and garden flags do just that. A flag that welcomes you and your guests into this inviting world you have created is ideal for your country porch. The flag doesn’t need to say welcome. It can be a whimsical look, a patriotic look, even a classic look. It’s the feel of adding fabric blowing gently in the breeze that brings about that country porch look. Hang a flag or two from your roof, or stake one and set it just off from your country porch area. Either way, you have a delightful accent. We brought together our favorites here, all from one of our favorite shopping places, Amazon. Just click on your favorite to see more about it, purchase it, or browse other garden flags for your country porch look.

And check out our Accents page and Teacup Planters page for more ways to dress up your country porch.



Frog Welcome Hummingbirds Patriotic Welcome
Snowman Welcome Ladybug Hearts Winter Cardinals
Sunflower Heart Daisy Welcome Wildflowers
Pineapple Welcome Easter Spring Autumn Welcome
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