Easy Ways to Redecorate Your Country Porch

Written by on April 12, 2012 in Decorating a Country Porch with 1 Comment

Redecorating a country porch look can be simple. If you like to change out your look periodically, you don’t have to go crazy and start from scratch every time. Sometimes, it can be little things to give you a fresh look.

Rearrange the furniture. Just placing your furniture in new arrangements can bring about a nice change for you. Setting up small seating groups instead of having all the chairs and settees grouped together can make a nice change. Face the furniture for a different view. That can make a simple change for you.

Add several new accents pieces. You can choose an accent color from your current floral fabrics and get a new pillow or cushion in that color. Maybe a new planter of a solid color to go with it.

Try removing several of your accent pieces. Put them away so you aren’t used to seeing them. You can bring them out again when you want to redecorate at a later time.

Bring in a fresh look with the addition of a new garden flag. Try one for a holiday that is coming up, or just a new one to welcome you and your guests.

If you don’t already have one, get a tablecloth for one of your tables. Just the addition of a new fabric can really put some additional sparkle and charm to your country porch.

Add a new piece of furniture. If you don’t have a rocking chair, get a one to complement your other furniture. Tuck it into a seating area and you have a new effect.

Sometimes it is just the simple things that can make for a new look. Your country porch should be an inviting and comfortable place for you and your guests. If it’s looking boring to you, you may not be as interested in uses it as often as you want. So change things up a bit. A little redecorating can bring back the charm of your country porch look.

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  1. Sophia Stone says:

    I’m a huge fan of the “Country Porch” and was delighted to happily stumble across this post! Your idea of removing some of your current accent pieces to clear your “decorator’s” mind is great! I also like changing my Porch Decor with the Seasons & I never get tired of it.

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