Country Wind Chimes for Porch Decor

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Country-Wind-ChimesImagine yourself enjoying your country porch. A light breeze comes and you have the charm of country wind chimes playing around you. It’s simple, just add a wind chime to your porch decor. The choices are many. Just choose the one or two that you like. Then sit back and enjoy the magic.

Country Porch Decor

Country porch decorating ideas can be simple. It’s often the little accessories that make the big difference. Wind chimes are a perfect little addition to your outdoor decor. And with country wind chimes, you have an accessory that will make a big difference. You get the sound as well.

This particular accessory plays double duty in your country porch. Besides accenting your decor, you also get the effect of sweet musical tones. For me, wind chimes add a magical quality to enjoying my outdoor living space.

Country Wind Chimes

There are many, many choices for country wind chimes. Some even play a specific melody. Some just offer a light tone, while others create a full sound effect for you. The fun of choosing which one or more you want to add to your country porch is all yours. These are the ones that I am considering. I haven’t decided which I’m adding, but I’m closer to my decision.

Chimes at Certain Times, Not at Others

Early morning, with my coffee, is one of my favorite times to sit on my porch. But, that’s also the time with the songbirds are busiest. I enjoy listening to them. So does my country wind chime interfere? Not at all.

I have an old beaded bracelet – you know the kind with the elastic string – to hold my country wind chimes quiet. All I do is slide the bracelet over the metal tubes and my wind chime is silent. Now, I also want to get one that is more like a bell effect. When I figure out what I’ll use to silence that, I’ll let you know.

After the songbirds have quieted for the day, I simply remove my country wind chimes silencer. Then I can enjoy all the benefits of that magical sound as part of my country porch decor.

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  1. I’ve always loved wind chimes. The one I enjoyed the most hung outside my kitchen window and was set in motion by ocean breezes when I lived near the beach!

  2. Susan says:

    What a great idea to use a stretchy bracelet to silence your chimes when needed! We sometimes take ours down on exceptionally windy days. The “mute bracelet” might be a better solution. Love your featured wind chimes – we have the Amazing Grace one and it has a wonderful tone and those distinctive notes that are easy to pick out.

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