Adding Flowers and Plants

Written by on April 26, 2012 in Accents for a Country Porch with 5 Comments

The accent pieces that you add to your country porch look help to create the charm and elegance. And plants and flowers do so much toward that end. After all, who doesn’t enjoy fresh flowers and green plants around them? I think we all do.

Fresh cut flowers set up as a centerpiece on your table can be ideal. But, we have to have the ability to get those fresh flowers pretty regularly. Either from our own garden, or via a store that is handy enough. If we don’t have a good flower garden to work from ourselves, the cost of buying them can become expensive.

Growing a live flower bouquet may be the best answer. Several varieties of flowering plants growing together in a single pot can achieve that bouquet for you. The important thing to remember is to keep the varieties you plant together similar in their needs. You want to consider how much sun they need or can tolerate, how much water they need and the soil conditions they grow best in.

Most traditional houseplants work well for your country porch. Especially since you will be enjoying your country porch during the warm weather, houseplants can share your outdoor living area. The word of caution here is to be careful about taking plants that have been used to living inside. These need a slow introduction to the outside world. Especially with direct sunlight.

When you buy houseplants from a store or garden center, you also should introduce them slowly to full sunlight and new living conditions. Once they are used to the new conditions, then re-pot them in your favorite accent pot. Try adding a new teacup planter to your country porch just for your new plant.

Enjoy your country porch with flowers and plants to accent your look. You and your guests will be delighted.

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  1. Mandee Sears says:

    Excellent timing. Had a freeze warning again last night but should be able to start potting some plants for the porch and patio real soon. Thanks for the info!

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